by Natrieifia Miller

272,000 hours

In 2015, there were more than 6,000 volunteers who donated 272,000 hours to make the Trail what it is along its 2,180-mile length.  These volunteers work in some of our 31 Trail maintaining clubs, join us on Trail Crews, and contribute to decisions that affect the Trail on a daily basis. Their work includes:

  • Protecting and maintaining the Trail corridor

  • Yanking non-native invasive plants from their perch that threatens native landscapes

  • Building and rehabilitating the Trail

  • Monitoring cultural and natural heritage sites

  • Shielding the Trail from development pressures (and not the least of which is…)

  • Leading their organizations, and

  • Motivating other volunteers to join in this great cause!


ATC and its clubs have the opportunity to deepen volunteerism roots of all volunteers through direct appreciation.This video highlights some of great ways our A.T. clubs recognize all the hard work A.T. volunteers do. Also included are some great general guidelines for recognizing volunteers of all kinds.

Header Photo From: Volunteer Appreciation Reception at 2013 Biennial Conference