Walk with US

Donate $5 and Receive Walk the Distance App A.T. Download

September 1, 2020

Take a hike on the Appalachian Trail today, no matter where you are!

For September only, you can unlock the A.T. on the Walk the Distance app when you donate $5 or more to the ATC! Your donation helps us on our mission to protect, manage, and advocate for the Trail.

Walk the Distance uses your daily steps tracked through your iPhone and converts them to miles hiked on the Trail. You can track where you would currently be on a northbound A.T. hike, and you can see other users completing the same route. Checkpoints along the virtual footpath highlight trivia on iconic views, shelters, ATC projects, and more, providing fun facts and Trail history on your virtual journey! Visit appalachiantrail.org/walkseptember to donate and get your code today!


If you have already purchased the Trail through the app, you can still donate under “Settings” in the app or by visiting appalachiantrail.org/donate. Every dollar helps us protect the A.T. forever for all to enjoy.

Walk the Distance is currently available only on iOS devices. Interested in an Android version? Email [email protected] today and request to join the beta test group. 

Only donations made through appalachiantrail.org/walkseptember will be eligible for this code. Please contact [email protected] with any questions.