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Nominations Open for Board of Directors

April 20, 2023

We are excited to announce that nominations are now open for positions on the Board of Directors at the Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC). Directors would begin to serve on the governing body after elections that will be certified at the annual membership meeting, generally held in late August or early September. The final date for that meeting will be announced this summer.

Elected Board members serve staggered three-year terms. Approximately one-third of the current seventeen Board positions come open each year; this year we will welcome four new Board members. A slate of nominees will be selected by our nominating committee, then approved by the full Board, and finally voted on by the ATC membership at the annual meeting.

If you, or someone you know, are interested in serving on the ATC Board, we welcome your nominations.  We consider many criteria when reviewing nominations. For the incoming class of new Board members, we are looking especially for people with conservation/trail experience, advocacy on the state level, and communication/fundraising experience. Diversity of thought is a key attribute as well. The ATC is a complex, national non-profit, and it is important that you or your nominee can demonstrate fiduciary oversight capabilities as well as experience of a similar scope in the non-profit or for-profit world. Candidates must be members of the ATC and should be able to demonstrate a passion for its mission and for the A.T.

As guardians of the A.T., we aspire to represent all people who use the Trail now and in perpetuity. We would be interested to know how you, or your nominee, could advance the ATC’s goals for diversity and inclusion.

As an all-volunteer working Board supporting a professional staff, we require a significant time commitment, including attendance at four Board meetings each year, service on two Board committees (which maintain regular meeting schedules), and work assignments in between.

All nominations, including self-nominations, should contain the names of the nominee and the nominator, as well as the mailing address, telephone number, and e-mail address for both the nominee and nominator. The nominee’s relevant experience, skills, and attributes — with an emphasis on the criteria above — should also be described. Inclusion of a bio or resume would be helpful. We take every nomination seriously, and we appreciate the time you put into the nomination and the nominating process. We greatly appreciate anyone willing to volunteer their time and experience to help ensure the Trail is protected and available for all.

The committee’s slate will be announced publicly, including on the ATC website, later this year. Nominations should be sent no later than June 19, 2023, to:

For more information, visit: