Trail Update

Katahdin Closes for 2021 Hiking Season

October 21, 2021

On Wednesday, October 20, Baxter State Park (BSP) announced the seasonal closure of all trails on Katahdin, including the Hunt Trail, which the Appalachian Trail (A.T.) follows 5.1 miles to its northern terminus on Baxter Peak.

“Shin-deep snow has obscured trail markings and freeze-thaw cycles have created vulnerable conditions for alpine plants and potentially unsafe conditions for hikers,” said BSP in a statement published on their website. “These trails will remain closed until the start of the winter season December 1, or later if freeze-thaw cycles continue to render alpine plant communities vulnerable to damage from hiking.”

Trails leading up Katahdin are typically closed in mid-October when winter conditions set in. These trails, including the A.T., typically reopen in late May or early June when Park officials have determined that conditions are safer for hikers and native plants.

Those still seeking to access Katahdin during the Park’s winter season (starting December 1) must register with BSP staff seven business days prior to their intended climb date. More information can be found at