Stories from the Trail

Kenny Seagren: Why I Hike

Kenny Seagren at the Delaware Water Gap.

I hike the A.T. for several reasons. One is to change up my scenery from the urban landscape of Philadelphia where I live and work. With all the smells, noises, and buildings, it is a real treat to be able to head north to the Blue Mountains section of the Trail, usually for a day hike. It allows me to recharge and think without distraction. I am unable to sit in one place to meditate but hiking allows me to escape my day-to-day and ponder in deep thought. Wandering through the refreshing air, I can reconnect with nature and really achieve an open-mindedness while getting in several hours of exercise. As a professional of the built environment, getting the chance to be in the “wilderness” or away from cars and streets allows me to obtain new perspectives of the environment around me and the beauty of the world. The feeling of summiting a peak or reaching that clearing to take in the wide-stretching views brings me closer to Earth and the realization of its huge size and that of the universe. That’s why I hike.