Sandra Ragsdale

February 2015

Sandra Ragsdale is a dedicated volunteer at ATC headquarters, working faithfully year-round with staff and other volunteers to make sure that all hikers who report completion of the entire A.T. are added to the 2,000-miler registry. She typically comes in a full day each week, and during the peak of the season, sometimes more often.

The 2,000-miler process not only provides recognition for those hikers who complete the Appalachian Trail, but is the source of very useful data for ATC. Sandra has modified the 2,000-miler registry to capture information about new threats to the hiking experience, including norovirus and Lyme disease.

From hikers’ 2,000-miler applications, Sandra enters names and detailed hike information in ATC’s 2,000-miler database, prints congratulatory letters and certificates for the executive director to sign, and ensures that packets with an A.T. patch and the coveted 2,000-miler rocker are sent out to the hikers eagerly awaiting them. She takes a real pride in getting the names and trail names of hikers spelled correctly, taking extra effort to get each one right.

Sandra began volunteering here when she worked at AARP, which gave its employees time off for volunteer service. ATC was near her home, and she began volunteering in 2010. Before working with the 2,000-miler program, she helped update ATC’s volunteer database, tracked the volunteer recognition program and scanned and organized Board resolutions.

Hard-working, conscientious, and personable, Sandra has taken on some of the behind-the-scenes work at ATC. Her help is invaluable!