Oforiwaa Pee Agyei-Boakye

Equity Maps Coordinator

Oforiwaa Pee Agyei-Boakye is currently a Ph.D. in Geography student at the University of Minnesota. She is a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified professional with a masters in City Planning focusing on Sustainable Transportation and Infrastructure Planning. Brought up in Ghana, she developed a deepened interest in sustainability, environmental, and conservation issues in her formative years. Pee has been involved in trail activities through these issues in her academic work, volunteering, and leadership positions in the US and Sub-Saharan Africa. Her interest in trails heightened after her exposure to the Appalachian Trail. Pee’s participation in the 2017 World Trails Network Expedition to Tottori-Japan and the International Trails Symposium and her interactions with representatives of the Abraham Path Initiative made her familiar with existing trail networks in the world. It influenced her interest in trails’ role as a sustainable transportation option to improve accessibility in the built environment, particularly in deprived communities.

Pee was awarded the 2020 Jim Roberts Scholarship Recipient by the National Association of Environmental Professionals and the 2015 Hulet Hornbeck Emerging Leaders in Trails scholarship by the American Trails Association. She has been an Appalachian Trail Next Generation Advisory Council Member for the Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC) and a climate justice workgroup member of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) National Environmental Justice Advisory Council (NEJAC). She has prior experience as a City Planner making decisions on trails, green areas, and environmental efforts for equity.