Michela Williams


Michela Williams is the Co-founder of Black Too Earth. A non-profit organization focused on connecting the black community to black-owned farms through site visits and volunteer days. Michela’s path into the outdoors was paved for her long ago by her ancestors, but it was difficult to find. Her introduction to the outdoors and recreation was through horror films and generational trauma passed down through
warnings. Through an internship with Greening Youth Foundation and the Forest Service, Michela was able to face her fears, find her purpose, and realize the connection that she has always had with nature. Doing this work also led Michela to her soulmate, Tony Heard, who reminded and enlightened her about the true history of her ethnic background. He reminded Michela that she is an American Descendant of Slavery, educated her on what that means, and has continued to support her as she navigates the best ways to honor her background and uplift her community.

Meeting Tony fueled Michela to be a better leader! Together, they have been able to partner with over 12 Black Farmers in Atlanta and connect our community with local educators.