Michael Numinous


Michael Numinous (aka Numinous the Bard) is a freestyle artist & emcee currently stewarding a 50-acre community music venue just north of Asheville, NC. Though many have asked, “What will you do with a BA in English?”– his life has radically transformed through the power of authentic communication.

The child of two professional writers — his natural gift for words was catalyzed by a love of hip hop from a young age, an appreciation that has deepened with time. He transitioned from writing only in journals to performance poetry 10 years ago. Around the same time, he uncovered an infinite wellspring of freestyle flow. He has since performed for thousands & facilitated “Freestyle Temples” at music festivals, communities, corporate retreats & random parking lots around the world.

The magic of language, specifically when buttressed by the integrity of truth, has turned his life from ordinary into a fairytale always two steps ahead of his wildest dreams. It’s part of his life’s purpose to sprinkle seeds of art & vocal empowerment into every crevice of consciousness he can find so that YOU too can live & manifest from an empowered truth.