Maegan Paul

Next Generation Advisory Council Member

Maegan is a student currently in her first year of college, where she is undecided about her major, but hopes to spend a fair amount of time in environmental studies courses. She has spent the last eight years living in the Northeast and found her love of hiking and the outdoors at a wilderness excursions camp in central Maine. After five years of canoeing and hiking, Maegan found her introduction to the Appalachian Trail through a 200-mile journey to the northern terminus at Katahdin when she was 16. Since then, she has been all-in on learning about the A.T. and remaining engaged with the work of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy through social media. In addition to her interest in the trail itself, Maegan is also a major proponent of making outdoor education more accessible and introducing more kids to spaces like the A.T. She looks forward to furthering the missions of the ATC through the NextGen Council and is excited to be a part of this amazing work!