Libby Smith

May 2010

Getting out of the city and spending time in open and unspoiled areas has always helped Libby Smith “maintain her sanity,” and she gives back by supporting hiking organizations. A relatively recent member of the A.T volunteer community, Libby came to ATC’s southern regional office in mid-June 2009 after relocating to North Carolina from California. 
She brought her professional experience in technology fields as well as previous volunteer experience as a leader in a state parks organization in California to her volunteer contributions with ATC.  She has tackled the huge task of organizing contact information for the office, creating a directory of contacts for the busy staff.  She has also helped work on marketing for the license plate program, written grant reports, and assisted with a survey of soldiers using the A.T.  In fact, she has been able to do whatever was asked of her.   
“Her willingness to ‘get it done’ and her flexibility and responsiveness to handle additional tasks as needed, make her an essential part of the team in the southern office” said her supervisor Leanna Joyner. 
Libby was “amazed” to find the Appalachian Trail was maintained and managed by a network of volunteers and she finds it “satisfying to be a part” of the network.  Unlike most A.T. volunteers, she spends most of her time at a computer, but the work she does ‘behind the scenes’ is an important part of the volunteer effort that keeps the trail open for all to use.  Thanks, Libby!