Kim Peters

August 2018

Kim Peters has been a dedicated member of the Tennessee Eastman Hiking and Canoeing Club since 2000. Since joining, Kim has volunteered for over 592 events and through those activities and other service has logged 4,764 hours working on and for the Appalachian Trail. Annually, Kim consistently contributes 400-500 hours each year. She has been the Maintenance Coordinator for the club since 2010 and worked to expand the volunteer base that is the heartbeat of the A.T.

Long-time TEHCC member Steve Perri explains, “TEHCC has a very active maintenance program with a crew of retired volunteers engaged weekly as well as a monthly outing to entice new members and working members to volunteer for maintenance activities. Kim has served as the contact person to facilitate gathering many different types of volunteers in her role as Maintenance Coordinator since 2010.”

In an effort to attract new volunteers to the A.T., Kim started a monthly stewardship trip on Saturdays that makes it easier for people who work during the week to volunteer with the club. Steve continues, “Kim has really been an important contributor to organizational capacity for our club to be able to conduct activities with non-traditional volunteers that make up many volunteers outside our club roster. It’s is an important role for its importance of bringing many new volunteers to work on the A.T.”

Kim’s passion for trail maintenance began when she worked alongside the Konnarock Trail Crew to relocate Round Bald, one of her favorite sections of the Trail. “I had noticed its deterioration as I continued to visit the area over the years, and as it was one of my favorite places, I volunteered to help,” Kim explains. “I guess you could say I was hooked on maintenance after that experience.”

Not only was Kim attracted by the physical experience of trail maintenance, she also cites her fellow volunteers as a source of inspiration. “I think maintainers are among the best people you could ever meet and it’s a great feeling to be working with other like-minded individuals on a worthwhile project.”