H. Dean Clark

November 2011

Dean Clark had heard of the Appalachian Trail as a young man, but it was reading Bill Bryson’s book A Walk in the Woodsthat really piqued his interest.  He recalls being “mesmerized” by the book, and his interest led him to first hike the trail, and then to volunteer his skills as a photographer.  Dean, after living in Houston for several years, is currently “residenceless,” he spends his time traveling and taking photographs.

Dean first set foot on the A.T. in 2007 when, as he was driving back to Texas (then his home base) and realized that he had crossed the A.T. several times.  He stopped in Roanoke and decided to do a day hike – and by chance, met a fellow Texan (who recognized Dean’s Longhorn hat) who was thru-hiking.   They hit it off immediately, and still remain friends.  

Dean’s started his volunteer work in a similar fashion.  He was driving the back roads and came upon the A.T. Visitor Center in Harpers Ferry, WV.  Upon being welcomed by the volunteers and staff, he showed them some of the photographs he had taken on the A.T., and soon was volunteering his skills as a photographer.  He’s taken photos of staff, volunteers and hikers, both on the Trail and off. 

Dean’s gift for connecting with people and capturing their experience in his photographs has helped  “capture the spirit of the A.T.” says Javier Folgar, ATC’s communications manager. “ His keen eye has helped capture some beautiful shots of individuals working and enjoying the Trail”  Thank you  Dean!