Ed Fleming

2015 Volunteer of the Year SORO

Ed Fleming was recognized by his peers in the southern region (SORO) of the A.T. in 2015 as their Volunteer of the Year. Ed has represented the Smoky Mountain hiking Club (SMHC) and partnership with ATC through various positions over the years. He has served as club President, club Director, Regional Partnership Committee (RPC) representative, and member of the 2013 Biennial Celebration Committee. Ed has managed and spearheaded the construction of many accessible privies on the A.T. throughout the park and Nantahala National Forest, as well as the renovations at ATC’s crew base camp at Soak Ash Creek. He has contributed over 11,000 hours maintaining SMHC’s Trail section, and continues to be a vital part of the A.T. Community in many ways.