Dick Blake


Dick Blake of Milford, CT, passed away on January 23, 2011. Dick was a long-time member of the Connecticut trails community, and most notably, was involved with the A.T. in Connecticut since at least 1982. He was a former Trails Chairman of the Connecticut Forest & Park Association, and served as AMC-CT Trails Chairman from 1986-1988, during the period that the Trail-acquisition program was at its height. In May 1988, the longest and most controversial relocation, which moved the A.T. entirely to the west side of the Housatonic River, was opened, and Dick simultaneously opened the old A.T. route as the “Mohawk Trail” – “the trail that was built in a day.” Until a few years ago, Dick continued to actively serve on the AMC-CT Trails Committee as Overseer of Lands. Dick was responsible for the concept, design, funding, and construction in Falls Village of a section of the Appalachian Trail accessible to persons with disabilities. Dick was inspiring in his dedication to monitoring and protecting the Trail corridor, and was responsible for the creation of the CT monitoring and boundary programs as they are today. Dick was a gentleman and a diplomat and will be missed by all who were lucky enough to have worked with him.