Clark Wright

2006 Volunteer of the Year SORO

Clark Wright, an ATC life member since 2002, is the 2006 Volunteer of the Year for the Southern region. Before joining ATC, Wright took a leave of absence from his legal practice to walk the A.T. from Springer all the way to Pennsylvania with a friend. In 2003, a lobbyist friend and former thru-hiker directed Clark to N.C. State Senator Joe Sam Queen. The two of them began a successful drive to secure approval of a special ìFriends of the Appalachian Trailî state license plate. Twenty dollars per plate goes to ATC, and the funds are dedicated to A.T. management and protection in North Carolina through the Southern Regional Office. Thanks to Wrightís leadership, ATC has, since fall 2005, received more than $40,000 from the license plates.