Christina Oyelowo

Summit Coordinator

Christina Oyelowo is a Nigerian-American with a diverse upbringing. A graduate of the American University of Paris, she is a recipient of a BA in Middle Eastern and Islamic Pluralities and International and Comparative Politics. While at university, Christina was fortunate to visit numerous countries in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East for both leisure and research purposes. While finishing her BA abroad in Paris, France, she also spent time living in Cairo, Egypt, where she is currently based. Her time abroad and traveling the world has given her rare insights into different cultures and thought processes, allowing her to solidify her identity as a global citizen.

Christina’s professional background is composed of vast experiences ranging from communications to DEI efforts, providing her with numerous skills that she is eager to use in her role coordinating the Emerging Leaders’ Summit (ELS) with the Appalachian Trail Conservancy. She looks forward to working with diverse populations to ensure that this event will be inclusive and prosperous for all those who will attend. In her free time, she enjoys practicing her French and Arabic, painting, and exploring Egypt.