Anne Maio

2008 Volunteer of the Year VARO

Anne Maio of the Mount Rogers Appalachian Trail Club (MRATC) is the volunteer of the year for the Central and SW region. MRATC’s newsletter editor and photographer for several years, she also served as club secretary for two years and as RPC representative for three. She has worked with camps, schools, and colleges to bring young people to the A.T. for projects ranging from removing invasive exotic plants to side-hill improvements and stream water testing. Maio has helped construct and maintain shelters and privies, as well as being a trail maintainer, and has been the chief blazer for the clubís Trail section for several years. Last year, she participated in the wildlife monitoring program, moving a motion-sensitive camera to prescribed locations and forwarding photographs. She has spent many hours trying to comply with FCC licensing requirements for the clubís portable radios. Finally, she has not only led hikes, but has even signed up people she happened to meet out on the Trail as new club members.