Abe Rosenberg


Abram Rosenberg grew up in rural Colorado to a unique family of Jewish, Irish, and Native American descent from the Onondaga tribe.

His hometown of Crestone is also home to the infamous crestone conglomerate, a rock mixed of many stones melded together and this has been symbolic of his life in many ways. Majoring in interdisciplinary studies, Abram fused many practices into one bachelor’s degree plan that fit his various interests and passions. His love for the outdoors has been constant since infancy though his approach may be different from the mainstream. Abram grew up camping and spending time outdoors for months at a time as a way of life rather than a recreational practice. Today his work as an environmental and local food activist continues to be diversely interconnected with his lifestyle of off-grid homesteading, permaculture, art, and music as key elements in his daily life experience.