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Women's Work Day: Campsite Restoration & Resource Protection

  • Dates: 12 – 12 Oct, 2019
  • Location: Hiawassee, GA
  • Address: 94 N Main St

Reduce Campfire ImpactWhen campsites expand, natural resources suffer since compacted soil decreases water absorption, thereby limiting vegetation growth and accelerating the rate of erosion. This project centers on rehabilitating a campsite that has expanded too much. The work includes moving logs, debris, and eliminating fire rings, so that visitors and nature can better co-exist at this important site that also offers some other historic values. 

Getting to the work site requires 1.7 miles of hiking. Participants will rendezvous at the Ingles in Hiawassee at 8:45 a.m. before carpooling to the trailhead.

Please wear long pants and sturdy boots. Bring a long sleeved shirt to work in, too, since work will include moving objects that may be abrasive. Pack work gloves, plenty of water, your lunch and snacks, and a rain jacket/poncho. 

Training and tools will be provided. Anyone is welcome.

Registration is required before October 8, using the form below.