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Maine Trail Crew

Spend a week in the scenic Maine woods this summer working and camping on the Appalachian Trail. The Maine Trail Crew, sponsored by the Maine Appalachian Trail Club and the Appalachian Trail Conservancy is based in central Maine. Projects are located along 267 miles of the Appalachian Trail, and most involve reconstruction and rockwork. Projects are supervised by crew leaders under the direction of modern trail-work pioneer Lester Kenway

The crew works four nine-hour days, traveling back to basecamp on the fifth day. Some projects are located on high mountains and involve strenuous pack-ins, while other projects are located on scenic lake shores or involve car camping. Due to the variation in difficulty, we recommend that you study the trip schedule below. Once you register to join the Maine Trail Crew, MATC will contact you with additional information to help assure that you will join a project that matches your interests and abilities.

Volunteer with the Maine Trail Crew

Due to the high risk of spreading this illness in group settings the Maine Appalachian Trail Club has made the tough decision to discontinue the Maine Trail Crew, in 2020, to keep our staff and volunteers safe. We are concerned about the risk of spreading the virus when crew members travel together in vans, share housing, food, tools and privies. This is disappointing for MATC as an organization and for our many dedicated volunteers. Thank you for understanding. Please consider volunteering with the Maine Trail Crew in 2021.



Base camp

The Maine Trail Crew base camp is located on a scenic island in Branns Mills Pond in Dover-Foxcroft. Crew members stay in rustic cabins or in wall tents on the island when they are not out on the Trail.


Field work & working conditions

Trail work is hard, physical labor. Trail construction involves working with hand tools, and getting dirty is guaranteed. The crews work every day rain or shine, hot or cold. Maine Trail Crew projects can be particularly challenging; please review the descriptions below to see project details and difficulty ratings before making a selection. Maine Trail Crew volunteers will be asked some additional questions before joining the crew.


Contact us

Questions? Contact the Maine Appalachian Trail Club at 207.518.1779 before May 16, or 207.564.0869 after May 16, or e-mail [email protected]