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Each year, we partner with Trail clubs and government agencies to conduct workshops for current and new volunteers. Workshops cover basic maintenance, sawyer certification, rock work, winch skills, wilderness first aid, environmental monitoring and more.

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New Volunteers

The Appalachian Trail would not exist without volunteers. As the heart and soul of the Trail, volunteers contribute more than 240,000 hours each year to preserve and protect the Trail and its resources.


A.T. History & Cooperative Management


Trail Safe!

Trail Safe! is a unique safety program designed specifically for National Park Service trail volunteers. It’s based on NPS Operational Leadership Training, where the human factor of safety is explored.

The eight lessons should be watched in order. The sessions range from 18 minutes to 40 minutes, or can be “binge watched”in 3 hours. Please report Trail Safe! training completion so we can send you a certificate and SPE/GAR Card.

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Tips for Safety Sessions


Volunteer Leadership Meeting


A.T. Sawyers

With support from the federal agencies, ATC has hosted a crosscut and chain-saw training and certification program since the mid-1990s. The program is guided by a three-way Memorandum of Understanding signed by the ATC, the NPS, and the USFS most recently in 2014.

ATC’s sawyer certification program is based on the 2006 Forest Service MTDC Chain Saw and Crosscut Saw Training Course. A copy of the course handbook can be found on ATC’s website. All persons operating a crosscut or chain saw at any time on Appalachian Trail lands (including NPS lands, state park, forest or gamelands, municipal parks, ANST private lands, and National Forests) must be certified as specified in the MOU referenced above.