COVID-19 Safety

Dos and Don’ts: Hiking Safely During COVID-19

Simple tips for minimizing the spread of COVID-19 while on the Appalachian Trail.

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Leave the A.T. if you experience COVID-19 symptoms.

Wear a mask outdoors—in crowded or confined spaces when social distancing isn’t possible

Wear a mask indoors when in town.

Stay 6 feet from others.

Clean your hands regularly.

Use a personal shelter and bear canister.

Be respectful and mindful during A.T. community visits.

Bury human waste in catholes 200 feet from water when privies are not available.



Visit the A.T. when experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.

Share gear or food.

Use A.T. shelters or set up camp within six feet of others.

Use crowded trailheads.

Block gates or roads with your vehicle.