Maine’s Biggest Small Town

Millinocket, ME

The town of Millinocket is a small rural town and is the closest town on the northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail (A.T.). Millinocket has a long, proud history and was founded because of its vast forests, logging and paper making.  The community and its citizens enjoyed generations of a thriving, healthy town. With industry changing dramatically in the region, outdoor recreation is a new opportunity for local economies.

The region is blessed with pristine natural resources and unlimited outdoor recreational opportunities, which is why Millinocket is a logical location for a hub of outdoor based activities and to build advocacy for preservation and stewardship of all its local trails.  As more travelers began to find this beautiful region of Maine, new businesses were created around outdoor recreation.  The growth of hikers on the A.T. brings more and more hikers and their families to Millinocket.  This growth has offered opportunities to reestablish themselves with the outdoors in mind.  The community has complete hiker services, new B&B’s, campgrounds, restaurants and plenty of outdoor activities.  Businesses thrive through the summer and fall season due to the hikers and they are the reason many people in the community prosper. The community offers hikers shuttle services, showers, hot meals, Laundromats, library services, postal services, hospital and medical services, WiFi and supplies!

The community is growing in tourism and the Chamber of Commerce recently reported an increase of 40% – primarily from hikers.  The A.T. is a vital part of Millinocket because of the proximity to the northern terminus of the Trail and the 100 mile wilderness.

The Trails End Festival welcomes all to celebrate the Appalachian Trail through music, service projects (Hard Core!), activities annually in the middle of September.

Banner photo taken by Jsukienn.This photo is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0. This image has not been modified in any way.