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Volunteer Recognition

We appreciate the efforts of all Appalachian Trail volunteers! These extraordinary individuals donate 200,000 hours of work every year.

Volunteer Spotlight

Highlighting the contributions of Appalachian Trail volunteers who work in the field or behind the scenes to protect,
manage, and maintain the Trail and provide inspiration and education to others.

Robert Snyder and Mary Berryhill

June 2016

Jay Dement

April 2016

Kathy Winters

March 2016

Jim Liptack

February 2016

Dewey Clark

January 2016

Steve Smith

October 2015

David & Pat Stelts

September 2015

Doug and Stacey Levin

August 2015

Jim Haggett

July 2015

Sylvia Swain

May 2015

Colin Breheny

June 2015

Christine Ward

April 2015

Sandra Ragsdale

February 2015

Tom Banks

January 2015
Appalachian Trail Recognition Programs

The NPS-Appalachian National Scenic Trail office (known as NPS-APPA) and the ATC have several programs that can help you recognize your volunteers. If you have questions about these programs, contact [email protected]

Awards for Hours and Years of Service to the A.T.
ATC provides awards – pins, patches, caps and vests – to volunteers based on the number of cumulative hours they have completed. The guidelines/order form is provided below.

Presidential Lifetime Service Award

ATC has been certified to obtain this award for volunteers who have contributed at least 4,000 hours of service to the Appalachian Trail, the Trail-maintaining clubs, and ATC. The award includes a framed certificate, a letter from the president and a presidential "Call to Service" pin. To order, the Trail club should send the volunteer's name (as it should appear on the certificate), the number of volunteer hours, the Trail club name, and the shipping address for the award to [email protected] A Trail club leader must affirm that the volunteer meets the criteria found here: www.presidentialserviceawards.gov/the-award.
Volunteer Recreation Pass (formerly America the Beautiful Pass)
The NPS-Appalachian National Scenic Trail office provides a Volunteer Recreation pass for volunteers who accumulate 250 hours of service. It provides free access to and use of Federal recreation sites for one year, beginning from the date of award.

Silver and Gold Service Awards
NPS also recognizes volunteers who have completed 25 and 50 years of service to the A.T by giving them Silver or Gold awards at ATC's biennial conferences. Information on nominating those volunteers is provided to club leaders prior to those meetings.
Volunteer Spotlights

Each month, the ATC features an A.T. volunteer on our website and our e-newsletters. the intent is to showcase the wide variety of work done by hard-working volunteers on and for the Appalachian Trail. There is no need for nominees to have completed a certain number of hours or years or service. Nominations may be made using the Recognize a Volunteer form, or by email to [email protected].

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