Volunteer Training


Want to increase your skill set? We offer training sessions and workshops to volunteers each year.


Each year, we partner with Trail clubs and government agencies to conduct workshops for current and new volunteers. Workshops cover basic maintenance, sawyer certification, rock work, winch skills, wilderness first aid, environmental monitoring and more.

How to Hike the A.T. Workshop at Durham REI

This course provides future long-distance hikers with knowledge for a well-prepared hike on the A.T. They are taught by ATC staff who educate and empower hikers to respect and protect the Trail that inspires us all. Join ATC for an informative and interactive workshop on all aspects of planning for a long distance hike on the A.T., while learning from our expert staff on how we can acknowledge and discover ways to mitigate our impact on the Trail. Bring your big dreams and questions to learn from experienced hikers. You’ll be more confident as you put your best foot forward to reach your goals on the A.T. 

Pre-Registration is required for this course. Click here to sign up in advance. 

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Trail Safe

Trail Safe! is a unique safety program designed specifically for National Park Service trail volunteers. It's based on NPS Operational Leadership Training, where the human factor of safety is explored. 

The following eight lessons should be watched in order. The sessions range from 18 minutes to 40 minutes, or can be "binge watched"in 3 hours. Please report Trail Safe! training completion so we can send you a certificate and SPE/GAR Card. 

#2 Effective Leadership (20 minutes)

#4 Mission Analysis (28 minutes)

#5 Stress and Performance (27 minutes)
#6 Situational Awareness (16 minutes)
#7 Decision Making (13 minutes)