Volunteer Leadership Handbook

The Volunteer Leadership Handbook is a reference for Appalachian Trail maintaining club leaders and club volunteers. It provides an overview of the cooperative management of the Trail, including the roles of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC), the Trail clubs, and our federal agency partners. It describes resources and programs available to assist the clubs. Links to reference materials and other resources are found throughout the text.

This Handbook is an important component of the ATC's Toolkit for Trail Clubs, where other resources for managing the Trail, including ATC's Trail management and conservation policies, The Register, a local management planning page, training and workshops, and more can be found. 

Supporting the Trail's volunteer leaders and managers is critical for the cooperative management of the Trail. The ATC is committed to working with the clubs and to developing programs and resources to help them in their vital role.

ATC Volunteer Leadership Handbook (August 2016) Additional references: