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Appalachian Trail Community: Monson, ME

As the gateway to the 100 Mile Wilderness, Monson has greeted nearly every A.T. hiker for the past 75 years.  From the days when the Trail passed directly through town, from the establishment of legendary hostels Shaw’s, the Pie Lady and the Lakeshore House, Monson has earned the reputation of being one of the friendliest towns on the A.T.

Monson was founded in 1822, with growth and prosperity coming with the discovery of slate in the 1800’s.  Monson’s fine-grained black slate covers roofs all over the world and marks the resting place of President John Kennedy.  As slate quarrying declined, Moosehead Manufacturing grew into one of America’s finest furniture makers and provided hundreds of jobs to craftsmen of the area.  Moosehead Manufacturing closed in 2009.

Today, Monson, beautifully situated on the shores of Lake Hebron, relies more heavily on the economic benefits of a wide range of recreational choices.  Monson’s designation as an Appalachian Trail Community, officially proclaimed on July 21, 2012 is a vital part of that reliance and will insure that the hikers of the Appalachian Trail remain first in Monson’s hearts. 

Monson is proud of their way of life and their long, close association with the A.T.