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Appalachian Trail Community: Kingfield, Maine

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Kingfield is a quintessential northern New England village founded on the logging industry and characterized by a stunning collection of Victorian architecture. While the wood industries have diminished, the town has redeveloped an economy based on four season outdoor recreation.

The community of 1000 residents, is the de facto service center for other surrounding mountain towns and unorganized territories in the Maine High Peaks region. Kingfield’s emerging diversified economy is sustained by a small manufacturing sector, an assorted retail and service sector, and four-season tourism, which is supported by several restaurants and four lodgings offering a total of 75 beds. Kingfield is also the headquarters for Maine Hut & Trails where A.T. hikers are invited to exchange work for room and board during overnight stays (2.5 miles from the Trail).

anniesThree of MH&T lodges are close to the trail. Each of those lodges sleeps an average of 44 people in bunkrooms of different sizes. Once hikers descend from the Bigelow Mountains onto the East Flagstaff Road, their thoughts turn to reaching the 100 mile wilderness, which marks the beginning of the end of their 2180 mile trek. At that point, Kingfield is a full service community where hikers can rest, restore and provision. In Kingfield, hikers will not only find comfortable lodgings and a receptive community, but also a medical clinic, a pharmacy, library, laundromat, banks, full grocery, BPI fuel, several restaurants, an outfitter, post office, taxi service, massage therapist, acupuncture, a chiropractor.

There are three A.T .access points within 20 miles of Kingfield and shuttle services are available. A slack packing service is also available for hikers crossing the Bigelows. The Rt. 27 crossing in Wyman Township is characterized by a large vehicle turnout and parking area. There is a kiosk with a trail map displayed. North bounders arrive at the crossing at the completion of the Longfellow Range and the beginning of the Bigelows.

This region has 10 of Maine's 14 peaks over 4,000 feet and the most alpine zone outside of Katahdin, offering some of the most rigorous hiking on the ​entire A.T. with some of the best views. It also has one of the longest sections of Trail without a public road crossings. The Bigelows are one of the gems of the A.T. and of Maine. They were Myron Avery's favorite mountains. Moreover there is skiing, snowmobiling, mountain biking and ATVing so it's a great destination vacation spot.

The East Flagstaff Rd. crossing in Carrabassett Valley has a large parking area, a kiosk and an outhouse. The crossing is reached as NoBo hikers descend from traversing the Bigelows.Cell phone reception is poor in this area. Hikers wanting to come into Kingfield from East Flagstaff are advised to call from the Little Bigelow Lean To or on their way down.

The Long Falls Dam Rd. crossing is two miles beyond East Flagstaff. There is no parking area and pick­ups or drop­offs are by the road side. The trailhead is well marked. It is a very rural area where there is little road traffic. The most direct route to Kingfield from Long Falls Dam Rd. is to turn right onto the East Flagstaff Rd. and left onto the Carriage Rd.

For information, please call 207­-265­-2030.

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Fowler & Harville

Jordan Lumber Co., Inc

The Kingfield Woodsman

Longfellow's Restaurant

Maine Huts ​& Trails

Maine's High Peaks

Mountain Village Farm Bed & Breakfast

​Narrow Gauge Depot

North Woods Survival Experience

Orange Cat Cafe

Rolling Fatties

Tranten Family Markets

Winters Health & Fitness