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Natural Bridge Wednesday Work Day - 10/16

  • Dates: 16 Oct, 2019
  • Location: Lynchburg, VA
  • How to find us: Contact [email protected] for information

Join the Natural Bridge A.T. Club's Wednesdays crew for a sampling of trail maintenance, or for a regular item on your calendar!
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Maintenance is the primary mission of the Natural Bridge Appalachian Trail Club. NBATC maintains 90 miles of the Appalachian Trail in Central Virginia from Blackhorse Gap on the Blue Ridge Parkway to the Tye River in Nelson County. There is always a need for more maintainers! Maintaining a nearly 2,200 mile footpath entirely with volunteers is a worthy endeavor, not to mention it is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and stay physically fit!

This is a great opportunity for a wide variety of skill levels. Volunteers will be able to work alongside experienced trail maintainers and all tools will be provided. With crews up to 19 people, new volunteers are partnered with old hands, and those who want to hike less or do lighter tasks can be accommodated as the crew splits into multiple groups. 

Take this opportunity to make a difference on the Trail as well as make new friends and connections in your community. 

The Wednesday Crew of the Natural Bridge Appalachian Trail Club (NBATC) goes out every Wednesday year around; weather permitting. Work consists of removing trees, cutting weeds, trimming brush, cleaning, building, and repairing water diversions, sidehill renovations, and whatever else is needed to keep trails in good shape. The work plan and meeting location is normally available by Monday of each week.

Participants should wear sturdy boots and long pants. Please bring plenty of water, lunch, and snacks in a small knapsack. It’s a good idea to also bring work gloves, if you have them, as well as, rain gear, bug repellent, and sun protection. Tools and hard hats will be provided. Wear or pack layers, since weather can change quickly.

Please register your interest by filling out the form below. Deadline to register online is the Sunday before. Once you have completed the form, please write to [email protected] for eligibility, and to be contacted about rendezvous location.