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Family Hiking Day 2019

  • Dates: 28 Sep, 2019

family-hiking-day-logoOn September 28, the Appalachian Trail Conservancy invites families of all ages and hiking abilities to join us for Family Hiking Day. Bring your loved ones, get outside, and experience the adventure of being active on the Appalachian Trail (A.T.)!  Held on National Public Lands Day, Family Hiking Day is an opportunity to introduce your family to America’s premier footpath and all of the benefits that come from being active and spending time outdoors.

For more information on planning a family hike throughout the year and suggestions of family-friendly day hikes on the A.T., visit

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Family Hiking Day

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  1. Alejandro P. Hamblin | Sep 16, 2018

    The Appalachian Trail has had many books written about it but they can never give you the true experience. This is life changing!

    Stretching 2184.5 miles I have never struggled and experienced so much in 6 months that has changed my very way of thinking about life, the universe and everything in it. This is tough not only on your body - I lost 10 kilos in weight and went from a waist of 36" to 34" - but on your endurance, your determination, your stamina.

    You are going to feel things you never expected, see things that other people will not believe, and there is an 80% chance you will fail!

    And your life will be changed forever. When the hike is finished you will go home and nothing will be the same.

    My advice? Do it, do it now! You will never regret it - my only regret is that it is ended for me, I hiked the whole distance and now I miss it so much I am planning on hiking the next <a href="">longest trail in the USA</a> - I did say it changes your life!

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