tenny webster

Position: Trail Information Specialist

Tenny, born and raised in New Jersey, hit the A.T. after graduating high school, and his southbound thru-hike in ’96 ignited a life-long passion for adventuring. 

His extracurricular activities include big-wall climbing, running marathons and ultras, bike touring, hitch-hiking, hunting, traveling abroad, back-country skiing, and epic novel reading. Living in the American West and Canada,  his commitment to interesting and fulfilling vocations led him to work as a shepherd, trail crew leader, volunteer coordinator, wildland firefighter, race director, and information researcher, to highlight a few.

Tenny earned a B.A. of Sociology at the University of Montana, Missoula, 2007, and an MLIS at the University of BC, Vancouver in 2013.

He has now come full circle, contented to return home to the A.T.; this time in a decidedly more sedentary-if-not-less-risky-but-just-as-adventurous role as the information specialist for the ATC.