Roseann Abdu

Position: Development Coordinator

Roseann spent most of her childhood in the woods, either knee-deep in the creek catching crayfish, going on long hikes or building forts and playing “house.”  To this day, she still is happiest when she’s in the woods, except now she’s running on trails, splashing through creeks or playing “house” at a campsite. She still loves going on long hikes.

Nearly one exact year after she and her husband’s inaugural backpacking trip on the AT and first visit to ATC headquarters in Harpers Ferry, Roseann joined ATC’s Membership and Development team.  In addition to her passion for nature, the AT and the woods, she brought with her with her over 15 years of professional experience in development, project management and administration from her work at nonprofits and educational institutions including Girl Scouts, Local Initiatives Support Corporation and Frederick Community College.  She holds a master’s degree in urban studies and planning with focuses in environmental planning and community development from the University of Maryland, College Park and a bachelor’s degree in communications and anthropology from American University in Washington, DC. 

In addition to trail running, hiking and camping, Roseann enjoys gardening, reading, yoga, local and regional history, volunteering and exploring new places. She lives in Frederick, MD with her husband Dan and two dogs Tucker, aka Tuckles, Brown-Nose and Mr. Handsome and Pico, aka Baby Dog, Señor Fancy Pants and Stinkles.